About us

Like our ambient meals, we’ve always been better prepared.

In a world of largely indifferent service provision, our people are our difference. Our enterprising and forward-thinking approach makes us better prepared, anticipating demand, improvising with new solutions and keeping ahead of the culinary curve with a service that is both accessible and responsive.

You’ll find our people, more Enterprising.

We care about the meals you serve and it shows, every day, in everything we do. Going out of our way to deliver, when others can’t or won’t. Stepping up to the plate by sourcing vital products at a moment’s notice, even in the most adverse circumstances or weather conditions.

Working harder to make hard-pressed budgets work, with solutions that offer real nutritional value. And building successful, long-standing relationships by always being available, to offer the product availability you need. It’s all part of our Enterprising service.

Our Products

We cater for every dietary need, deliciously.

Our Range

Square meals have never been in better shape.

Our total dedication to sourcing foods that score highly in taste tests, makes us a trusted supplier, with food standards that are approved at the highest level. Besides gaining the backing of the Ministry of Justice, our superior meal solutions have led to many ongoing industry partnerships and Government contracts. Whatever the sector, we treat every order with the same level of importance. So when you need to know the quality you need will always be there, we’re here.

Our people search for new product and packaging innovations, providing delicious long-life meal options to meet every dietary need. This combination of high nutritional value and taste quality is the reason why our solutions are preferred across multiple sectors.

Our Values

Can do
Trusted to deliver
Honest and transparent
Forward thinking
Quality focused